Understanding Telekinesis

Highly psychic individuals often possess telekinetic ability. This is basically using the power of their brain to move or influence movement of physical objects. Ancient legends passed on from one generation to the next tell of individuals who were “telekinetic.”

The formal definition of telekinesis differs from telekinesis in practice. From deep within certain human brains, lies a power of infinite concentration that possesses the strength to force action in inactive objects.

Under the right conditions, telekinesis may be the effect of overactive Adrenalin. Adrenalin is also known as epinephrine and is a neurotransmitter and a hormone. These are powerful combinations that, under the right conditions, have been known to produce extraordinary power.

One example occurred in Glen Allen, Virginia. When her father, Alec Kornacki, was trapped under his car, held aloft by a jack that slipped, his 22 year old daughter, Lauren, lifted the car from his body and saved his life. There are many other examples of how adrenalin increases to such levels as to allow humans to perform seemingly super human acts.

Telekinesis works by rushing an abnormal volume of Adrenalin to the brain. In some experiences, this “rush” may be spontaneous. In other cases, the ability to hone concentration and focus to unusual levels produces the Adrenalin rush in a more purposed manner.

Top universities in the US like Stanford, Duke, Princeton and Harvard all have sanctioned paranormal studies. The 28 year (PEAR) Study at Princeton University indicated that the most intelligent minds agreed telekinesis is entirely possible. Another experiment at University of Washington in August 2013 showed that one researcher was able to transmit to his research partner telekinetic commands via non-invasive electrical brain recordings.

In this experiment, Rajesh Rao had sent a brain signal to Andrea Stocco while playing a video game. Rao was located in a different area of the college campus with no other communication devices used. To the shock of everyone, Rao transmitted the message which then produced a telekinetic movement on a computer keyboard by Stocco, as recorded by the University of Washington Today news (August 2013). This experiment combined telepathy and telekinesis in the most advanced level of paranormal practice.

How Telekinesis Is Related to Brain Neurotransmitters

The medical world has yet to uncover all of the powers of the human brain. There never has been any scientific explanation for child prodigies or humans who possess unusual telepathic or telekinetic abilities. As science advances and technologies evolve, the single link to telekinesis is neurotransmitters in the brain.

Scientists tell that neurotransmitters are “endogenous chemicals” in the brain that transmit signals from one nerve cell to another targeted “neuron.” A such, neurotransmitters are basically the part of the human brain that, like traffic signals, direct and clarify human functions.

In telekinesis, neurotransmitters may be transmitting stronger than normal signals that allow the human brain to produce more vibrant energy directed at a single source. This is likely how telekinesis is related to brain neurotransmitters.

The Black Hole of the Human Brain

Like the Black Hole of Space, of which little is known and is surrounded by mysteries, the human brain also has a black hole. With all that science knows of the human brain, there remains the inability to prove scientifically why autistic individuals can be extraordinary savants who have the ability to “read” with lightning speed and perform certain seemingly super human tasks that defy the imagination.

Often, these individuals are judged more on their visible personalities than on their unique level of intelligence. This may explain the mass disbelief in the paranormal. Yet, few humans have not experienced one paranormal event in their lives. Those with telekinetic skills possess a wealth of control over their natural Adrenalin and neurotransmitters. With highly developed concentration skills, telekinetics find they can perform unusual tasks.

Like other highly mentally sensitive individuals, it is not known whether telekinesis is perfunctory or if it occurs when provoked by mental exercise, focus and unusual concentration.

Skepticism and Lack of Scientific Proof

In reports of the most famous telekinetics, skepticism almost always became the final judgment. Skepticism may be based less on scientific proof that telekinesis is not possible, than on the inability to accept certain types of savant mentalities possess extraordinary mental powers. It is most difficult to prove the powers of telekinesis in a community unwilling to be more open minded to the possibilities.

When Uri Geller experimented with “bending a metal spoon,” the experiment was met with typical skepticism. Thus far, only the Princeton PEAR experiment that used random event generators and 70 different groups produced a semblance of a cross section of individuals who were able to influence outputs of machines used in the experiment.

With obvious similarities to the experiment at the University of Washington, scientists are looking with fresh eyes at the possibility that such experiment results are not anomalies; in fact, they are an indication of how little is known about the human brain and its performance levels.

Who is Telekinetic?

Those who profess to be telekinetic will always be met with doubt. True telekinetics rarely publicly announce their abilities for fear of becoming the subject of ridicule. As individuals expand their knowledge to higher and higher levels, telekinesis and other paranormal skills will inevitably be viewed less skeptically. Pushing brain power to extreme limits will naturally activate Adrenalin in proportion to the energy thrust behind all human actions and reactions.

Telekinesis for the Greater Good

Behind the fear of all things paranormal lies the most primeval instinct of restraint of the unknowable. If an individual can concentrate to such extremes levels as to move or create motion in inanimate objects, the pretense of omnipotence is revealed. Should telekinesis be used for the greater good, as in saving lives or preventing danger, the prognosis for advancement would result in outstanding human achievements.

Over time, the use of telekinesis would be a reliable, dependable resource for harnessing the power within the human brain. The downside of telekinesis might be less physical exertion that could have the effect of dulling neurotransmitters from lack of sufficient Adrenalin.

On the Way to Telekinetic Living

Since it takes great mental effort to devise telekinesis under the best circumstances, mass producing telekinesis is clearly a long way from strategic development of the human brain. Several questions regarding telekinesis arise such as whether telekinesis begins at the moment of conception. Other questions like whether human fetuses can be tested for telekinetic skills or toddler telekinesis can be detected early in childhood.

Would educational curriculum encourage telekinetic students to greater use of their special skills? It's entirely possible that once telekinesis is a reality adopted by proven scientific testing, many new careers in advanced paranormal practices may become available. On the way to living in a telekinetic world, individuals will no longer scoff at or scorn telekinetic practices as some form of witch craft or trickery.

Test Your Telekinesis

To know the power of one's own mind, it's necessary to indulge in the practice of meditation to hone concentration skills. Choose a quiet place for this. Then, test your telekinetic skills using small objects. Focus on the object intensely until it produces motion.

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