Understanding Psychic Self-Defense

Psychic self-defense is based on the idea that non-physical energetic entities exist all throughout the world, affecting their surroundings in a negative or positive way. Humans are susceptible to interaction with these entities, depending on the energetic and emotional level of the individual.

As a person opens themselves up to the exploration of such entities and forces, he or she might find an associated vulnerability at the exposure, whether real or perceived. Since the interactions between all entities have a non-physical component, including person to person, it is possible for someone new to the world of psychic energies to be the victim of destructive or otherwise negative forces.

Tenets of Physic Self-Defense

There are a number of presumed ideologies that go hand in hand with physic self-defense. Many of these tenets are the basis for the entire practice, and they are often taken as fact by followers of divination. The first belief centers around the idea that intelligent beings interact with humans on an energetic level, and that those entities have no physical form to speak of. The presence of these intelligences is perhaps the founding theory behind psychic defense.

The remaining tenets describe the nature of those non-physical beings. Such beings can be further categorized depending on their origin and orientation along the energetic spectrum. For instance, some non-physical entities were once human, but have since traveled on from the physical plane. These entities are commonly referred to as souls. Other instances of non-physical intelligence are not and never were human. These might be considered divine, since they didn't originate on Earth.

Divine entities aren't necessarily positive forces, either. It's possible for any non-physical being, whether human or not, to be benign, malevolent, or benevolent. It has been suggested that the full range of non-physical beings extends even beyond the range of living human interactions and emotions.

The Importance of Psychic Defense

Just as there are living humans with negative intentions, there are also non-physical beings that seek to cause harm. These beings are constantly on the prowl for an easy target, and those targets are usually people with mental or emotional vulnerabilities. The reason for this is that negative entities feed on negative energy, so if you're feeling downtrodden or depressed, you may be a perfect target for such a parasitic entity.

Once an entity latches on and feeds from a person, the negatives associated with that person will grow. These can be anything from guilt, anger, sadness, or any other negative emotion. Entities feeding on negative emotions become a self-sustaining system, whereby they continue to cause the negative aspects in a person that they can then feed upon. This cycle only makes it more difficult to escape any problems or issues that you may be dealing with.

The interactions between living humans and those souls that have passed on but not left the physical plane can also lead to such issues. Certain models of consciousness and the psychic energies that relate to it show that when a person passes on, their consciousness simple retreats into their subconsciousness, which then becomes the primary mind. Since subconsciousness isn't as acutely aware as consciousness, those souls may not even realize they have died.

In most cases, such beings remain attached to the physical plane because something is forcing them to stay. It could be something as simple as an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or sex. It could be because the soul is too attached to the material possessions of the physical world.

In any case, these souls often place themselves near to the source of their attachment, such as a bar in the case of those addicted to alcohol. Such a being could easily attach themselves to a living human with the same addiction, creating a stronger urge to continue drinking in the living host. This not only takes a portion of control away from the live host, but it also drains their life-force in the process.

Possessions like these are often exaggerated in mainstream society, especially in the entertainment world, but they are more common in reality than you might think. Not every possession is entirely negative, either. Some non-physical beings might attach themselves to a host for no reason other than to have a connection to the physical world. Others might form a sort of symbiotic relationship with their host.

The bottom line for these sorts of possessions, however, is that both the host and the non-physical entity need help. Many psychic masters offer therapy sessions that act as a way to correct these possessions through proper healing, both physically and non-physically.

How To Protect Yourself

The two primary modes of protecting yourself against psychic attacks are positivity and free will. A positive attitude will help promote the attraction of positive energy, while a negative attitude will only attract more negativity.

The basic act of deciding to have a positive outlook can drastically affect the ability of any physical or non-physical intelligence to successfully attack and drain your energy.

You may find that positivity is difficult to achieve, but that is nothing more than the negative forces fighting to stay where they are within your aura. You can easily overpower these feelings by changing the way you think about the world.

Free will is an enormous part of protecting yourself, as well. Every intelligence is endowed with free will, and that power can not be violated unless it is allowed by the intelligence. These interactions are no different than physical confrontations. Those who acquiesce to an attack are giving permission to the attacker. Those who stand up for themselves might still have to fight, but that fight will make the attacker think twice before returning for more.

Even if you lose the fight, you'll still be in a better position to protect yourself in the future, until your will becomes strong enough to prevent every instance of a negative attack. Focus, determination, and willpower can come together to defeat nearly any non-physical negative force.

Specific Psychic Defense Techniques

There are a number of techniques that can be employed to help rid yourself of the negative forces that plague all of humanity. A few of the most common methods are outlined below.

  • White Light Technique – White light is one of the most positive forces in existence, and this technique takes advantage of that power. The concept involves visualizing yourself surrounded by immensely bright light. Such visualization allows you to operate at a higher vibrational frequency, removing the possibility of interaction with the lower vibrations, which spawn negativity.
  • Blue Shield Technique – Blue is the color of will power, so it is associated with protection and strength. This technique is based on visualizing a bubble or shield around yourself in the form of blue light. This shield will act as a barrier to negative energies, protecting you from the brunt of any attack. Some even us the technique to place shields around the attacker, in an attempt to isolate the negativity.
  • Body Orientation Technique – Certain body positions, like folded arms and legs, will prevent foreign energy from interacting with your aura. This is especially useful for banishing negative forces, which often give up their attack when they realize the futility of it.
  • Mirror Technique – This technique is similar to the white light technique, only it substitutes mirrors for light. Visualizing yourself surrounded by mirrors that face away from you will help reflect those negative energies back to the attacker. Similar to the blue shield technique, this method can also be applied to the attacker. When used in this way, the visualized mirrors should face in, toward the attacker.
  • Salt Technique – Salt has been known to absorb negative energies and drive them away from the body. Placing salt or salt water in strategic locations around your home or work can help prevent negative emotional states, as well as allow negative energy to focus on something other than human interaction. The technique also works with salt added to bath water.
  • Symbol Technique – Symbols themselves have no power, but the belief in the symbol is what matters most. The symbol acts as a sort of vessel on which positivity can be focused, but it still requires effort on the part of the conscious mind. Religious symbols are most often used in this way, but anything can be an appropriate facilitator if it has meaning to you.
  • Affirmation Technique – Repetition is vital with this technique, which focuses on statements made in the form of affirmations that only positivity will affect your life. This works as a form of prayer, whereby a person makes a positive statement that reinforces itself within the mind of that person.

All of these methods have their own place, and they will work for every person differently. What works for you might not work for your neighbor, and what doesn't work for you might be the best option for others. As you delve deeper into the world of psychic energies, you'll find the best techniques that provide the most beneficial effects. You'll notice your sensitivity to positive or negative energies might increase, but that only means you're expanding your own horizons.

Focused meditation is perhaps the most comprehensive psychic self-defense. This shift of focus to the Source completely shuts out all negative influences, since those influences are separate from the infinite power of the positive Source. Once you've reached the ability to commune with the Source, you'll never experience negative influences again.

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