Understanding What A Psychic Reading Is

The psychic reading is a throwback to the ancient art of divination. As time has marched along, there have been the changing cultural references with which everyone is somewhat familiar. Which one rings a bell with you: Oracle, soothsayer, mystic, seer, shaman, fortune teller, mind reader, channeler, medium or clairvoyant? Whatever the term, psychics have been an integral part of human history from commoners to the royal elite to U.S. presidents.

What is Psychic Ability?

If you have ever experienced that voice in the back of your head, availed yourself of your horoscope, second-guessed yourself or acted on a hunch, then you have exercised your own sense of psychic ability. At the root of all psychic experience is that hard-to-define perception of truth everyone possesses, some more than others, known as intuition. Typically regarded as untaught, intuition is a skill that can be exercised and honed to enhance the keen, quick insight that seems to give psychics their third eye or extra sensory perception (ESP). What is actually called for is a practice of quelling the “noise” of every day life through meditation or deep breathing that allows for direct perception absent of reason or logic.

If that sounds strange, there is a reference from Shakespeare's Hamlet when the prince is speaking to his trusted friend, Horatio, to help explain this: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Not all things experienced in life arrive in concrete form that you can pound on to ensure that they are real. What is real for both the client and the reader is that, to them, the knowledge revealed for which there is no scientific explanation is as relevant as it can get. Since it comes from a place beyond reason and logic, it is considered a metaphysical experience. This is where many part ways based on religious constraints or philosophical differemces, but for those who find benefit from the practice, there is invaluable purpose.

What Does a Psychic Reading Provide?

Few people are at a loss for those particularly burning questions about the future they want answered by a mystic. Early in a relationship with a reader, many of the superfluous subjects need to be exhausted before eventually finding that zone where the information derived of greater significance in gaining a deeper autonomous self connects in a meaningful way with the higher self. In this, it is essential to understand that both the client and the reader must work together to help the information come through that will serve as a guide to better self realization and a better understanding of life in this amazing world.

Making Choices

There are countless psychics who claim to be able to inform your future, reveal your past and assist in untangling your present. There are also, perhaps, what could be called specialties, such as:

  • Love life
  • Career or business
  • Departed loved ones
  • Life Choices
  • Home
  • Health
  • Finances

Some psychics will center their readings on one of these “specialties” while others prefer not to limit the scope of a reading. Whatever the parameters, a reading for an individual is a very personal experience and the choice must remain with them. A well-rounded reading encompasses what is occurring now with details regarding specific events whether past, present or future. The opportunity to reach beyond the veil and receive which ever spirits wish to communicate tends to provide a sense of substantial connection as well as a wide range of references that provide the opportunity to verify the details that come through.

Types of Readings

There are basically four ways in which people naturally intuit or discover accurate insights that can be interpreted for the client to comprehend and use in a practical manner. Since the practice of psychic readings center on energy vibration, the information can come through the physical body, emotions, thoughts or an energy field. Therefore, the methods of reading are considered emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. The intuitive ability may be available on all four levels in varying degree or more pronounced on one or another.

The Emotional Intuitive

The natural empath, the emotional intuitive is sympathetic with the energy from the other side, so to speak. Even people who would not consider themselves as having psychic abilities may be able to relate to the sensations of feeling a wave of deep emotions whether or not they are able to associate them to anyone in particular very often assuming these feelings are their own. This occurs in the physical dimension as well as the divine realm. This is the compassionate reader who desires to help others. Loved ones having passed on who have a need to be forgiven will come through the clairsentient emotional intuitive.

The Spiritual Intuitive

The spiritual intuitive is the true clairvoyant able to see energy as symbolic, figurative or realistic information. They are likely to see ghosts or loved ones from the other side through inner vision or as 3D translucent figures present in the physical plane. Night or day dreams serve to convey information that can sometimes feel imaginary or dream-like. These are the readers who can intuit spiritual purpose for themselves and others as well as illuminate life lessons.

The Mental Intuitive

Claircognizance is the psychic skill given to the mental intuitive. It is the instantaneous clear knowing without really knowing how it is known. If there is a temptation to suspect someone of reading your mind, it would be the mental intuitive. They are able to carry on conversations in spirit. Perhaps their greatest challenge is in deciphering which thoughts belong to them or to others, but once this is discerned ability comes fast. The communication may extend beyond inner to outer hearing. How many people can relate to audibly hearing their own name when there is no one else in the room?

The Physical Intuitive

Whenever you find you are responding to a gut feeling, you are operating as a physical medium. Physical phenomena occur to this reader through tangible interactions. These may be in the form of misplaced possessions such as keys or lights that blink all on their own. This is also the reader who practices psychometry, the ability to hold a physical object or photograph from which energy is transferred and received.

Areas of Expertise

Psychic readings now include email along with some of theses well-known specialties:

  • Tarot
  • Auras
  • Palmistry
  • Numerology
  • Astrology

While many readers do not incorporate the use of any of these, many professional psychics use one or more of these areas of expertise. One way to easily avail yourself of many readers is to search online while there are psychic fairs through which you have an opportunity to experience your reading face to face. Once you have discovered a good psychic, you then become an excellent referral source. Perhaps there is someone who might have referred you to an excellent reader.

Learning and Growing

Clients looking for a psychic reader with whom they feel comfortable and can trust brings interesting experiences as well as knowledge. Those who rely on their own inner sense of knowing without knowing how not only have a better chance of finding a psychic they can trust, they also bring the level of participation resulting in a reading that holds deeper meaning. It does not take too long to find just the right combination of aspects in a reader who will provide a better understanding of life's ups and downs.

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