The Hidden Dangers of Cursed Objects

The Hidden Dangers of Cursed Objects

Antique experts say that having a valid provenance can make certain collectibles more valuable. However, it is not always possible to trace an object’s history.

We often buy interesting and beautiful things at thrift stores and garage sales without a thought of who owned it. It is important to remember that inanimate objects can be psychically charged and affect the atmosphere of your home.

In ancient times, people feared curses or “hexes” that could be conjured up by practitioners of black magic. They also believed that an evil magician could use certain objects to curse them, or capture their souls. Things such as crop failures and sicknesses were often blamed on curses from evil practitioners who were offended.

From the European Dark Ages clear to Colonial America, hundreds of thousands of innocent people were falsely accused of putting hexes on their neighbors. They were cruelly tortured, burned, hanged, or left to die in dank prison cells.

Are curses for real? A majority of people scoff at curses and hexes as pure nonsense. Some psychologists theorize that when people “believe” in the negative powers of a curse, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Curses seem to work just because of people’s fears, they say.

When you consider the positive and negative poles of psychic powers, there may be more to a curse that what skeptics think.

Can Objects Be Cursed?

According to magical tradition, one of the easiest ways for an evil practitioner to curse someone is to curse an object that represents the person. This is the whole concept behind voodoo dolls and other cursed poppets. Whatever affliction the evil practitioner puts on the doll, the real person will feel.

Another traditional way to punish one’s enemies is to send them a cursed object. Any inanimate object can be cursed—even food. The belief is that once a cursed object enters the home, its negative energy will bring enemies to their knees.

Like most legends, there is a grain of truth to cursed objects. Anyone who believes in blessings must also consider the other side of the coin. While you may not feel an evil magician sticking pins into a doll that resembles you, there may be some psychic consequences for bringing a hexed object into your house.

Although the object may have been cursed years ago to affect someone else, you can still reap its negative fallout. In this sense, objects can definitely be cursed.

How Do Objects Get A Curse?

There are a few ways that an object can be cursed:

  • Evil Spells: Not every cursed item had a black magician whispering wicked incantations over it; however, it is a common method. Using any number of dark spells, someone can pronounce a curse over anything. Not only will the hex affect the person for whom the curse is named, but all subsequent owners of the object.
  • Objects dedicated to evil spirits (demons): Have you ever tried to take a favorite toy away from a toddler? The ensuing temper tantrum is nothing compared to a slighted demon. These evil spirits are quite petty and jealous over items that were dedicated to their honor. Ceremonial objects from black magic rituals often have demons tied to them. People who find or buy these items unaware risk getting the full wrath of the diabolic owner.
  • Items related to violence: Any object that was used in acts of violence can retain the negative energy forever. Guns, knives, and other weapons of murder are prime examples of these types of cursed objects. Not only can the weapon harbor the spirit of the murderer, but also the victim who cries for vengeance from the grave.

How Do I Know If There Is A Cursed Object In My Home?

People who love to collect things are the most susceptible to getting a cursed object. Just because something is not antique does not mean it cannot carry a curse. If you notice some of these signs and symptoms in your home, there may be a cursed object in your midst:

  • Chronic sicknesses that doctors cannot explain
  • A feeling of uneasiness in your home
  • Cold or warm spots in certain areas of your home or yard
  • Nightmares and unexplained fears

Think of cursed objects as a box. When the item is cursed, a foul spirit is conjured and sealed in the box. When you bring something hexed into your house, it is the same as opening the box and releasing the spirit. Remember that the goal of a demon is to torment you and your family until you are at rock bottom. Chronic demon oppression can cause mental, physical, and spiritual breakdowns.

It is not easy to track down a cursed item that you have. The only way is to work backward and see when the psychic problems started. Try to recall anything you brought into your house during this time period. For starters, get rid of these commonly cursed objects and see if things are better for you:

  • Any gun or knife that was involved in violence. If you do not know the weapon’s provenance, then get rid of it.
  • Any items that were used in black magic or was dedicated to evil spirits. Be wary of tribal masks and other ceremonial objects. You do not know if they were used for good or evil.
  • Any art, books, or music that glorify evil and wicked spirits
  • Anything that was taken from the scene of an act of violence.

If you have gone through your things and have not found the cursed object, then you should consider the services of a genuine psychic who is experienced in hexes and cursed objects.

What Should I Do With A Cursed Object?

Cursed objects are not like the fruitcake you got from Aunt Sally that you re-gifted to your coworker. The worst thing you can do is give a hexed object to someone else. Not only could you suffer from residual negativity, but you can curse the recipient as well. Your best option is to burn the object.

You can also give the item to a gifted psychic who has experience with these things. He or she can put a binding spell on the object that safely seals in the evil. The psychic will store the item in a place where it can never hurt another soul.

Popular online auction sites are filled with items that are claimed to be “haunted” or cursed. While it is probably a hoax to get someone to buy a useless piece of junk, it is better to be safe than sorry. Never buy or accept anything that is said to be cursed.

Keep a positive flow of psychic energy in your home and keep cursed items away from your family.