What Is a Psychic Palm Reading?

A psychic palm reading can include many things, but is particularly focused on examining the lines on your hand.

Most palm readers, which is a little different from a psychic, can use the mounds, lines and general shape of the hand to gather information that is relevant to you and your life.

A psychic is someone who is able to gather information through feelings, impressions, observations or unique skills such as clairvoyance.

Understanding the terms used beforehand can help you know what to expect at a psychic palm reading.

How It Works

A psychic palm reading begins with meeting the person who will be completing the reading for you. If you are a skeptic, try to keep an open mind for the best reading possible. Your reader will examine your hand, including your fingers, to perform the reading.

Each of the lines on the hand are associated with specific traits or life events. For instance, the heart line is located on the upper part of the palm and is linked to your emotions and love life. The mounds, or raised areas under the fingers and near the thumb, are also examined.

Readings may take about an hour, depending on how much you want to talk with the reader and the reader's policies and pricing. Your reader may ask you questions to help with the reading. This is a normal practice and answering honestly can benefit your reading greatly.

Psychics may have extra abilities that allow them to see things in a unique way, but opening up and talking to your reader is the best, most effective way to get the most out of your reading. You may wonder what you need to do if you aren't pleased with your reading or whether you need to follow up with the reader at a later date.

Learning more about what your reading means, and how it affects you, is important.

Types of Readings Available

You have several options available for a psychic palm reading. Most palm readers have a local business in addition to having a website. You can visit a local reader for a one on one session or you may be able to chat on the phone with the psychic or even upload a photo of your palm for an online reading.

Finding the right option for you is an important step. Some details of your palm may be lost if you don't upload a high resolution image for an online reading, for instance.

Phone, email and other online psychic readings are ideal if you don't have a local reader, however, so don't feel as if you must visit a local psychic for an accurate reading.

In fact, online readings have the benefit of being more convenient and are often just as affordable as visiting a local psychic palm reader. You may want to focus during the reading to help your psychic pick up on your energies.

You will also usually need to provide some basic information, such as your name and birth date, to assist your psychic palm reader in zoning in on your specific energies. Before talking to any psychic, you will want to know what to look for in a quality reader.

What a Reading Means

Some people have a little anxiety during or after a psychic palm reading. For instance, you may be struggling with romance or your career, so you want to talk to a psychic palm reader to find out more about your situation and what you can do to change it.

Many psychics value empowerment and often offer advice or information that allows you to make positive changes in your life. There are occasions when you may receive unsettling information or simply have a bad reading.

Remember that psychic palm readers may also have a bad day, or may not be able to read your energy if you are particularly confused or upset.

Take a few moments to calm down and center your energy before the reading to ensure your psychic is able to work with you effectively. You can ask questions both during and after the reading. If you have gotten information that you find unsettling or troubling, remember that you have the power to change your lifestyle.

Nothing is written in stone. Psychics who offer to help you remove curses or change a dramatic event may not be offering you accurate information, especially if they want more money to ensure your future safety.

In this case, it is best to talk with another psychic palm reader or simply ignore the advice. Most psychic palm readers are ethical and offer information that is positive, empowering and helpful.

Using Your Reading

The information that you learn during a psychic palm reading is yours. You can use the information to help you in making decisions if you have been wavering between one decision and another or you can use the information for entertainment value only.

Not only will you gain valuable insight into the questions that you want to ask about, you will also learn more about your general personality based on the principles of palmistry.

You may want to become more familiar with some of the basics of palmistry beforehand so that you can follow along with the reader more comfortably during the reading.

Whether you have a single question that is causing you issues or a problem that needs to be resolved, or you simply want a fun reading to see what it is like, a psychic palm reading is an excellent choice for anyone interested in gaining more knowledge.

Your psychic will be more than willing to provide services that are customized to your specific needs. You can choose the amount of time spent working the reader as well as the exact type of reading you receive. You can even opt for an online or telephone reader if you prefer.

Finding a reliable, reputable psychic is the first step toward answering the questions you have and learning more about the topics in your life that interest you most.

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