What Is Psychic Mediumship?

Mediumship is an integral part of a psychic's ability. The practice of mediumship includes the practitioner's mediate communication with the spirit world.

A psychic with this type of mental ability uses several methods to find out important information for the clients who have sought out a medium's services.

A modern day psychic has certain historical roots from the nineteenth century. The nineteenth century saw an increase in spirituality that eventually evolved into the current new age style of mediate communication.

A psychic in the centuries past used seances to gather spirit knowledge from beyond the here and now.


A medium uses other methods to find this information for their clients and these spirit communication methods include the following:

  • A seance is one of the oldest methods that can be used during a spirit communication. This type of information gathering uses two or more participants to produce a psychic communication event. This event can speak with a spirit in the room, can speak with a person who is deceased or can tap into an other worldly realm of past knowledge. The participants in a seance are usually interested in answering certain questions that only a spirit, deceased individual or other source of knowledge knows.
  • The British Psychological Society has recently conducted scientific research about the validity of certain knowledge that has been gained through psychic methods. This research society has found evidence of paranormal activity. Paranormal activity appears to be present at most seances and other methods of spirit communication, for example.
  • Mediumship can take the form of other types of communication with the spirit world. Mediumship has been evidenced with voice communication where a spirit takes control of an individual's voice and then relays a message. This form of voice evidence is not in the person's own voice who is delivering a message.
  • Specialized hearing ability is used by psychic mediums to hear messages that spirits are relaying and the person who can hear these sounds then passes on the information gathered.
    Some mediums are able to see apparitions or hear apparitions that are present within a room, for example. The psychic medium sees a cloudy or ghost like figure and this apparition can be communicating a certain type of information to the medium. Sounds from spirit entities are sent in this manner as well.
  • Telekinetic activity is used to find out about certain future or past information. Telekinetic means that objects can be moved in response to certain questions presented to a spirit entity and a medium is used to produce this type of phenomenon.

Spirit Manifestations Can Come in Additional Forms.

Spirits provide information to a psychic in other forms. A psychic mediumship can produce other spirit manifestations that include the following:

  • Automatic writing and reading are other forms of spirit manifestations. This means that a spirit medium is used as a method of communication that includes automatic writing or reading. Automatic writing will evidence as information that is written on a page with a pen that is held by a medium and the pen is moved by a spirit entity. Automatic reading is similar to this. A reading medium can look at a page of words and certain word information is visually lifted from a page in a specialized mental and visual focus.
  • Mental psychics use listening or visual specialized abilities and can use symbols to produce spirit information.
  • Physical mediums have an ability to produce physical manifestations from a spirit, deceased person or other worldly knowledge base. Physical mediums can manifest knocking, bell ringing and apports of objects by using ectoplasm created from cells of a spirit being or from cells of those who are attending seances.

Seances and Trances Are Used to Reach the Spirit World.

Trances are a part of a spirit seance and can be used in a modern form of mediumship called channeling. A medium uses a channeling method to communicate with and to receive messages from spirits who are guiding a spirit communication. A higher self is developed through trance like mental exercises and the psychic or trance participant attempts to reach a higher order of consciousness.

A participant who uses channeling or trance sessions can attempt to understand certain information about their present condition and to understand information about their future conditions as well. Spiritualism uses forms of spirit manifestation during worship services and during meditation exercises. All of these methods attempt to communicate with the spirit world. The goals of most of these trance methods are to understand what is going on in the present and to attempt to understand future events.

Psychic Mediumship Is Used Today.

There are various manifestations of psychic mediumship that are used today although the term psychic may not be directly used. The following are several methods that have a modern explanation:

  • Mental mediumship is a modern method of mental telepathy. Clairvoyance is a term that explains an individual's ability to hear or see or feel messages from the spirit world. A spirit guide or medium is used today to help with psychic readings.
  • Mental mediumship is involved in modern trance communications and the medium's mind is used to convey thoughts that are then relayed to another person. A psychic can use a method of intense focusing of attention and this is the key psychological mechanism of trance induction. Trances create tuned in neural networks in the brain, for example.
  • Channeling in today's world is a form of trance induction where the person in a channeling trance feels a sensation of leaving their body. The person can develop a type of cataleptic state or extreme body rigidity. Participants attempt to communicate with spirits from future dimensions.
  • Modern psychic sensitives speak with spirits and then relay what they hear.


Paranormal belief is a part of modern culture and can take the form of several manifestations. Spiritualists are an historical group who continue to use psychic mediumship techniques to communicate with a spirit world and to understand an eternal source of information. Each psychic manifests one or more abilities to understand spirit information. Specialized hearing, visual acuity and telekinetic processing are communication methods.