Proper Etiquette When Getting A Psychic Service

Proper Etiquette When Getting A Psychic Service

There may come a time in your life when you wish to seek the guidance of a psychic specialist out of either pressing need or casual curiosity. Regardless of your intention and the medium you employ–tarot, palm, crystal, or aura reading, to name a few–it is important to conduct yourself with respect and integrity. All too often psychics are met with hostility, scorn, or lack of seriousness, ultimately resulting in the waste of both time and money.

Not all, of course, but many walk away from negative experiences with a psychic service provider due to their own misconduct or lack of participation. Even the simplest psychic task requires the client's focus and participation, as well as a show of reverence for the service they are requesting. Psychic work can be incredibly draining, and it's essential that the energy dispensed on behalf of the psychic provider be replenished in a positive manner. If this seems like a tall order for a service you're paying for, you may want to reconsider more suitable options. If you're still on board, here is a simple guide to keeping your etiquette in check and fully enjoying the talents of your chosen psychic specialist.

Before you begin, ask the psychic consultant about the services provided, and which one best fits your need. For example, an angel card reading is different from a standard tarot card reading, with subtle but definitive approaches. Similarly, a crystal reading will provide different insights than a palm reading session. No service is better or worse than another, but is targeted to specific concerns and facets of one's spiritual and psychological being. By selecting the right service you are already ensuring the likelihood of a more productive and satisfying experience.

Next, understand the terms of the service you are requesting before committing. Know exactly how much you are paying and the time allotted to avoid any confusion, as this is often the number one cause of conflict between client and psychic. Don't try to haggle, especially not after the service has been provided, as this is extremely rude and a surefire way to accrue some unpleasant karma. Would you haggle with a doctor because you didn't like their diagnosis, or a restaurant after you've cleared your plate?

It helps to have a definitive question in mind when meeting with the psychic, as general readings, while insightful, won't cover extensive ground in a particular area. Perhaps you are concerned about a job, familial matter, or grappling with unrequited love; these are matters that deserve the spotlight in a psychic reading. As most psychic specialists will attest, the clearer you are in your intention, the better the overall outcome.

Before your session, try to abstain from using any substances that will interfere with your natural disposition and energy flow. A client under the influence of potent drugs or a substantial amount of alcohol is twice as hard to work with, as various components interfere with or block necessary frequencies the psychic is seeking to interpret. If you do engage with a psychic and are under the influence, be prepared to be dismissed if your conduct gets out of hand. Despite the nature of their services, psychic workers are no different from any business owner, and will look to protect themselves and their space first and foremost. Keep this in mind even if you encounter a psychic reader at a public event or party.

Try to keep an open mind when embarking on a psychic session. This can be difficult–even uncomfortable–for newcomers to the medium. The psychic realm and tools employed can seem quite foreign and at times threatening, but remember that your psychic adviser is on your side. They are providing you with a service that will ultimately benefit you, provided you are willing to meet them at least halfway. If you approach your session with a flippant, cocky, or disbelieving attitude, or simply refuse to engage, be prepared to get exactly what you give.

You may think you're hearing the ghosts of your childhood past but here it is again: don't touch anything! A psychic's space is extremely sacred, and laid out precisely to his or her liking. And while there may be an assortment of fascinating objects within reach, always ask before touching anything. This also applies to the tools used for your own session. Crystals, cards, and various instruments may be used throughout your reading, but wait until you are given permission before touching or picking anything up.

Last, while it's perfectly fine to bring along a friend or family member to your psychic consultation, make sure he or she understands the above etiquette as well. A professional psychic will rarely allow a third party to sit in on a session, unless they play an integral part. Make sure you let the psychic know beforehand if you intend to bring a companion, as space and seating may be limited.

While these tips may seem excessive, these are all in fact points of etiquette that pertain to most aspects of life. Respecting one's personal space and profession applies not just to psychic specialists, but to one's peers in general. A psychic session can be a truly rewarding experience, and provide invaluable points of insight you may otherwise not have access to. By trusting your psychic adviser and approaching the session with a clear and open mind you are guaranteeing a powerful benefactor and source of divine assistance.