How to Know if Your Children Have Psychic Abilities

Have you ever wondered if your child has the same spiritual gifts that you do? If you experienced a spiritual connection at a young age, chances are that your child will have a similar experience.

Let’s take a look at a few of the traits to look for in your child to find out if they possess psychic abilities.


Many children who have psychic abilities are sensitive to their surroundings. They have heightened senses that can be overwhelming at times. They often need some time to themselves to recuperate and recharge after spending time at a place that is loud and exciting.

While a lot of children can be sensitive to their surroundings, some can also be sensitive to the feelings of other individuals. They can feel the emotions of those around them, and it can be upsetting to a child who is not sure what these feelings are. This sensitivity to others is why psychic children sometimes have trouble in school. They will not want to go to school and spend time around the other kids because of this sensitivity.

Another form of sensitivity that your child may experience happens while they are asleep. Vivid dreams are a way that a child can connect with the other world, but they also often leave a younger child frightened and feeling alone, so they may turn to you, especially if they experience astral projection during their dream.

Imaginary Friends

Kids that have a psychic ability are often very creative. Their ability is developed in the same area of their brain as their creativity and their imagination, but this use of their imagination can cause you to miss another sign that your child may have psychic abilities.

This is where imaginary friends come into play. Have you ever considered that your child’s imaginary friend is actually their spirit guide? Ask them about their friends and include them in certain aspects of their lives to get a better impression of who their friend is.

Many young children often express that they have spoken to Jesus or another spiritual figure. These figures are often the child’s spirit guide, and they will be an important part of them learning how to use their ability.

Other children may be able to tell you about family members who passed on before their time on Earth. This type of connection allows your child to have a connection with their deceased grandparents, and it is amazing to see them talk about them as if they are still with you.

Great Instincts

Anyone who has psychic abilities will be able to tell you when individuals are being sincere or when they are lying to you. The same is true of children who have psychic abilities; they can see past what they are being told and dig deeper into the situation at hand.

Sense of Love and Compassion

Kids that have these psychic abilities tend to be caring, compassionate individuals. Their company is often enjoyed, and simply spending time with them is enjoyable. Their love for others is strong, but their love for animals is extremely deep. Pets are pure energy that love without hesitation, so young children are often drawn to this type of energy.

How can You Support your Child

Always encourage your child to trust their instinct. Their instinct may be stronger because of their ability, but it is still something that should be noticed, not ignored. If you are not sure how to attune your child to these abilities, it is important that they get the education that they need.

One way to do this is to make sure that you know about their abilities. When their abilities are more prevalent in their life, you will be able to help them learn about the psychic world and how their abilities can help others. Do not try to force a specific spiritual ability onto your child; just let the ability form naturally in its own time.


If you feel that your child may be expressing one or more of these traits, then your child may have psychic abilities. Make sure to keep communication open with your child, have them write their experiences down in a psychic journal, and try playing simple games with your child to see which abilities they have.

Remember, the ability will form naturally, so enjoy your child while you wait to see what gifts they have been blessed with.

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