What Is An Angel Card Reading?

An Angel card reading is a method by which people can receive the guidance of beings that are all around who we may not perceive. There are several different types of Angel card decks from which to choose to have a reading. People usually select a deck according to their feeling or interest. The different types of angels and spirit guides include loved ones who have passed away, family spirits or guardian angels as well as famous angels form the Bible.

People start with the belief that everyone has angels and spirit guides that can be a positive guiding force in their lives. The way to get this help is through Angel card readings. The cards reveal information about specific questions. Even though the questions should be specific, they should be open ended and focus on the actions of the person asking and not on how to manipulate others.

For example, if a mother is having difficulty monitoring the activities of her teen-age daughter, she should not ask how she can make her daughter behave better, but she should ask how she can make a closer relationship with her daughter possibly to have better knowledge about her activities.

Readings can also give general guidance about certain areas of life such as relationships, finances, careers and others. The readings may pinpoint issues that need attention without the person asking a specific question. One of the most useful times in life when Angel card readings can help is during transition periods such as changing jobs, graduating from high school or college, moving to a new city or state or starting a new relationship.

An Angle card deck is different from a Tarot card deck. Angle cards have no standard deck or standard set of symbols. Different psychics and readers create different decks based on their individual insights. Each card has an image of an angel and a message. The message will relate to different areas of life or emotions. For example, if the person is having money troubles, the message will be related to that. If the person is undergoing an emotionally stressful time such as a divorce or seriously ill parent, the message will be related to that. The reader interprets the images and messages in the form of advice from the guardian angel or spirit or in the form of affirmations of the person’s own suggestions.

The questions the person can ask the angels can be very general such as asking if the angel has anything they want to person to know, to specific such as how they can improve their relationships in their working environment. Whatever the person asks, the reading can give a feeling of peace and confidence to face the future.

The person requesting the reading focuses on their situation or question for which they are asking for help. The reader will draw the cards and read their meanings to the person who tries to understand the guidance being given. The reader may have intuitions about the cards and the person. They can also give their input.

Each card drawn has significance. If there appears to be a conflict of messages, there may be conflict in the situation. People about to sit for a reading should calm their thoughts and relax in a quiet place for a few minutes before the reading. This will give them a chance at clarity about the reading, and better able to interpret the messages.

People who benefit from Angle readings state that they get the opportunity to take a step back from a situation and get a clearer picture of where they are going and the best way to get there.