10 Psychic Friendly Fresh Flowers & Plants To Keep In Your Home

psychic flowers

Never underestimate the psychic value of botanical implements; certain plants and flowers have been held sacred for thousands of years, renowned for their ability to protect and purify a space.

Here are ten of the most “psychic friendly” flora & fauna to bring into your home or even better, plant in your garden.

Just take care to follow specific directions for keeping your bit of greenery healthy and in optimal bloom, as dead or dying plants and flowers are detrimental to a household environment!

Lavender – Dispel negative energy and emotions

The ancient Romans first introduced the widespread use of lavender for both health and beauty purposes, as well as in sacred rituals. Lavender is not only renowned for its soothing properties, but can also dispel symptoms of stress and depression, helping us balance our emotions and reflect from a place of calm and clarity.

In many parts of Europe and the UK it is still a common tradition to leave a vase of fresh lavender by the bed to ward off unfriendly spirits in the night.

Basil – Protection against negative energy

Italian tradition still holds basil to be the plant symbolizing love and fertility, largely due to the basil leaf's strong resemblance to the human heart. Basil not only makes for delicious culinary addition, but also protects one's family and dispels any negativity brought on by inner disputes and misunderstandings.

Oil of basil is often used to boost clairvoyant properties and assist in divination rites, and the plant is believed in Eastern medicine to clear any blockage between the heart and hands.

Rosemary – Promotes overall wellness

Rosemary is one of the most common herbs used in everyday Pagan wellness rituals, and for good reason. This savory-smelling plant promotes everything from lasting love to longevity, and is a natural mood booster.

Rosemary is also believed to sharpen one's memory, hence Ophelia's reference to it in Shakespeare's play “Hamlet.” Rosemary was burned in ancient Greek and Roman temples as a perpetual offering to the gods, and in return it was believed that the space in which it was burned was eternally blessed.

Fennel – Trust, strength and courage

Faintly smelling of licorice, fennel promotes strength and courage, and helps one establish healthy boundaries in their day to day life. For this reason, fennel is ideal for those who feel taken advantage of or overworked in their households.

Fennel has long been believed to influence trust in others, and allow you to speak your truth without doubt or opposition.

Centuries ago, fennel seeds were often gifted to friends and sweethearts as a way to show sincere flattery, and were also carried by warriors into battle to invoke victory.

Oregano – Promotes harmony and good energy

Another mouth watering herb associated more with the kitchen than hearth, oregano instills harmony, protection, and overall good energy in the home.

Traditional Chinese medicine, as well as medieval apothecaries, touted the use of oregano to treat a wide range of physical and psychological discomforts, with a number of tea purveyors promoting their own special oregano blends.

In some parts of the world it is still a traditional practice to wash down the walls of one's home with oregano-infused water, which is believed to protect the home from unwelcome guests and entities. (You can add oil of oregano to your own mop water, or even sprinkle the leaves in before using.)

Peace Lily – Healthy energy and peace

Much like its name, the peace lily is a symbol of friendship and harmony, balancing the flow of energy in a relationship and instilling peace between friends and family members.

Peace lilies also neutralize unpleasant scents in the air, and help to promote undisturbed sleep at night when placed by the bed.

Because the peace lily grows well in shadier environments, it's particularly ideal for small spaces and apartments that don't receive a lot of natural light.

Lucky Bamboo – Restores vitality

Bamboo has resided in households in Asia for thousands of years to welcome goodwill and prosperity. In feng shui, the bamboo's vertical shape represents wood, which is crucial to the flow of life energy.

Bamboo is a natural air purifier, and helps restore vitality in lethargic areas of one's life and personal space.

Orchid – Ideal housewarming gift

Feng shui belief holds that orchids act as energy filters in one's home, clearing out the negative while attracting the positive. This lovely, long-lasting flower is known to boost the overall mood of a household, as well as improve air quality.

Orchids make ideal housewarming gifts, and can survive in nearly all indoor environments and climates.

English Ivy – Reduce emotion toxins

English ivy is one of the best natural air purifiers, eliminating the toxic effects of mold and even improving a wide range of allergy symptoms. Very much reminiscent of an English garden, this hanging plant can also remove psychic and emotional toxins from a home, helping to promote calm and serenity.

Hang an English ivy plant in the corner of a room to clear the air, both literally and metaphorically.

Jasmine – Strengthen romantic relationships

This sensual flower has long been revered by multiple cultures, and gives the rose a run for its money in the world of floral romance. Often called the “relationship flower” by poetic botanists, jasmine strengthens romantic relationships while boosting, shall we say, the more erotic aspects.

The unforgettable scent of the jasmine flower also soothes an anxious mind, clearing the air of troubled, nervy energy.

It's often recommended that jasmine be placed in a south-facing direction when implemented indoors, with the north, northeast, and east directions all suitable for outdoor planting.

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