I’ve always been an optimistic person. I believe the future is limitless and when you uncover your true potential, you will inevitably find the happiness you deserve.

But about 6 years ago, I temporarily lost my way. My long-time boyfriend and I had reached a turning point: should we commit to each other or was it time to move on? We had dated since our middle school but as we grew up, we gradually grew apart.

Our interests were so different (I liked long hikes with my dog Rufus, taking cooking classes and I had just joined a book club. He was fine just sitting on the couch watching his watching a sports game or hanging out with his buddies in our neighborhood bar). We were both good people, but I increasingly doubted whether we were meant to be together.

Still, making a break and finding someone new after all these years scared me. Complicating the issue was that I was increasingly become sick and tired of my dead-end job. Then my dad got diagnosed with cancer and no one knew for sure whether he’d make it. I felt blocked by negative energy and couldn’t make a decision about the things that matter most in life.

To say I was stuck in a rut was an understatement. My friends were getting a little weary of my sadness and indecision. They urged me to try counseling but frankly, I didn’t have the money and my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

The good thing is, I’ve always been open-minded and curious, and I decided to consult an online psychic. Yes, I was a little skeptical, but my best friend had enjoyed a life-changing experience and I thought, “What the heck?”

I decided to try an online psychic reading. That decision changed my life.

I wasn’t sure what psychic service to select so I looked through Google listings and chose one pretty much at random. It wasn’t an awful experience by any means; it was just…okay. I kind of felt as if the psychic advisor was telling me stuff I already knew. But my friend said not to give up. She said there were psychics and then there were PSYCHICS and a good one would really help me break free, grow emotionally and spiritually, and embrace my true path.

The second time I was a little wiser about what to look for in the psychic I chose. For example, with a little bit of research, I knew that the best psychics underwent a rigorous screening process and were even required to give accurate test readings before being accepted.

I also learned to pay particular attention to star ratings and reviews. Some reviews were just so-so but others really captured why the reading was so special for the customer. And I also learned to look for a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which assured me that the network stood behind the quality of its psychics.

Still, I won’t say the reading was what I was yearning for. Maurice, my second psychic, seemed to relate to me and some of his guidance was really helpful, but I was looking for more than a good psychic. I was seeking a true psychic connection.

I knew the third psychic I tried was the right one for me.

Well, they say the third time is the charm. I was becoming more and more confident that I was using the right criteria to make sure I got the most from my reading. In addition to ratings and reviews, I was now paying attention to reading styles (for instance, I liked intuitive and expressive readings) and the specialties listed by the psychic. I personally gravitated to clairvoyants but astrology interested me as well.

That’s when I came across Cassandra. I loved her bio – it spoke right to me. She was an intuitive clairvoyant and she specialized in relationship and life path issues. As soon as we began speaking, I just knew I had found the right psychic for me. Cassandra tuned right into my energy and turned my life around. She empowered me with incredible insights and was uncanny in her ability to uncover what had been holding me back. It almost felt as if she had the power to peer down into the deepest recesses of my soul.

I’m well on my way to achieving success and happiness.

Thanks to her, I’ve connected with my authentic self and the universe has been giving me one blessing after another. Once I let go of my fear and relinquished my need to play it safe, the universe gave me all my heart desired, including a soul mate to walk life’s path with and the rewards of a great career.

Now, one of my major goals in life is to help increase others connect with real psychic with the genuine ability to create clarity out of confusion so they can live up to their full potential.

Through my own journey, I’ve met my fair share of frauds and amateurs — those who were just trying to make a quick buck. But more importantly, I’ve connected with talented psychics who possess an intuitive gift to guide me on the path from darkness to light…from limitations to boundless your own journey. I promise, it’s worth it!