Best Online Psychic Chat Reviews (February 2018)

When life becomes uncertain or the path ahead appears murky, it is not unusual to seek answers from a psychic. The question is, where should you turn? I've had my fair share of phone psychic readings and online psychic chats and I can tell you this: talents and abilities vary greatly between psychics online.

Through trial and error, I've learned the difference between the fake and fraudulent psychics who just want to make a fast buck by preying on unsuspecting victims verus the real psychics who truly possess the unique talent of picking up on the potential future you are personally creating.


My Tips For Your First Psychic Phone Reading

Tip #1: Look for an online psychic network with a rigorous screening process. Anyone can claim to be a psychic. So how can you be sure you're getting a legitimate psychic reading from a truly gifted clairvoyant? Keep in mind that the best online psychics are required to undergo meticulous and strict screening. As a result, your odds of receiving a meaningful reading are significantly increased.

Tip #2: Book with a psychic online who stands behind their readings. The best online psychics don't leave you twisting in the wind if you're unhappy with your reading. They should offer toll free telephone numbers to easily reach customer support and 100% satisfaction guarantees; you must be satisfied that you've been given a professional, honest and insightful reading or your money will be credited or refunded.

Tip #3: Ensure the psychic is charging a resonable and competitive price. The cost of an online psychic chat compared to a phone reading can vary greatly. Less reputable phone psychics will hide what their service truly costs or they will ask for ridiculously high sums of money for a simple reading. Avoid these psychics like the plague. Always remember that the best psychics online will lock in their rates and only charge a fair and honest price.

Tip #4: Always read a psychic's online reviews and testimonials. There are many fly-by-night phone psychic readers out there. Trust me, I've dealt with them. Real psychics that are truly gifted in reading your energy and providing you with insightful guidance will always post testimonials from clients. Always take the time to read these psychic reviews as it will give you a feel for a psychic before engaging with them for a paid reading.

My Final Verdict: After testing countless psychics online, I personally have settled upon four specific online psychic chat networks that I believe stand head and shoulders above the rest. I recommend them not only because I have been extremely impressed with my readings, but also because they offer amazing customer support, satisfaction guarantees and very reasonable pricing.

Bonus Tips: For tips on how to avoid online psychic scams, be sure to read my guide on avoiding common psychic scams. (Last Updated: Friday February 23, 2018)

Psychic Reading Guide: My Top 4 Online Networks

#1. Ask Now Psychics - Best psychic chat reading

Ask Now Psychic Reviews

Call Toll Free Now 1-888-908-9658
Why Ask Now Psychics?
  • First 3 Minutes are FREE
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Has been in business for 20 Years
  • Strict psychic screening process
  • Receive Free Daily Horoscopes
  • As Seen In TMZ and People Magazine
  • Pay Only $10 for 15 Minutes!
  • My Ask Now Psychics Review

Ask Now Psychics, in business for two decades (founded in 1995), is one of the largest and most respected psychic chat reading networks - and for good reason! The variety of psychic readings and the amazing degree of accuracy gives Ask Now Psychics a strong edge over similar psychic hotlines.

The company - which promises "the most accurate psychic readers on earth" - aims to help customers benefit from more complete and accurate psychic readings without unnecessary worry about cost and call lengths...and build deeper spiritual connections with trusted advisors over time.

Screening Process: Only a fraction of the psychics that apply online at Ask Now are admitted and allowed to work. All psychics must undergo a very rigorous screening process that weeds out the frauds and wanna-be's, giving you a real chance to connect with some of the finest psychics around.

Types of Readings: The variety of readings offered by Ask Now Psychics is vast and it's easy to search by category: numerology, spiritual guides, money and finance, careers and goals, astrology readings, chat psychics, love and relationship psychics, try a tarot card reading, dream interpretation and even discover past lives.

Customer Support And Guarantees: Ask Now is willing to engage and assist customers 24/7/365. Their guarantee is fabulous: if you feel that your psychic is not a good match, simply end your reading and contact AskNow Customer Service. They will credit your account for up to 10 minutes so you can call back and speak with another psychic advisor of your choice.

Fees and Discounts: For new customers, Ask Now offers a free five-minute reading with the psychic of your choice as well as a locked in rate of just $0.66 per minute for all future psychic phone readings. Specials are also e-mailed on a regular basis along with coupons that reduce the per-minute cost of readings.

Good To Know Stuff: Ask Now received flattering national exposure in TMZ and People Magazine. Its website provides free daily horoscopes and lucky numbers. Readings are available in English and Spanish.

February Deal: Ask Now Psychics is offering psychic chat readings to all new customers 15 minutes for only $10 (which breaks down to $0.66 per minute). Additionally, the first THREE minutes of your first phone reading or online chat reading is FREE!

Visit Ask Now Psychics Website
Call Ask Now Psychics Toll Free: 1-888-908-9658

#2. Hollywood Psychics - Best phone psychic

Hollywood Psychics Review

Call Toll Free Now 1-855-970-0224
Why Hollywood Psychics?
  • Save 80% On Your First Reading!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • FREE e-mail psychic reading
  • Member Perks: Earn Free Minutes!
  • FREE daily horoscopes
  • Strict psychic screening process
  • 24/7 Toll Free Customer Support
  • $0.50 per minute!
  • My Hollywood Psychics Review

With so many psychic hotlines to choose from, how do you choose the one has the best psychic for you? If you're looking for the coolest psychic website with the best phone psychics, you may very well want to start with Hollywood Psychics.

They're not as big as those other guys, yet their size allows them to be nimble - and their pricing is excellent compared with the bigger online psychic networks. One of their greatest appeals is that they offer so many ways to connect with psychic readers: phone, email or live psychic chat readings.

Screening Process: Each psychic is thoroughly screened and interviewed, not just once but twice, to make sure that he or she is ethical, professional and truly psychic. At least one interview involves doing a reading with a proven psychic. Those who are not strong enough are quickly weeded out so that only the most honest and authentic psychics are left.

Types of Readings: Whatever type of psychic reading you want, chances are that Hollywood Psychics can accommodate you - either through phone, online chat or via email. Their psychic mediums, clairvoyants and spiritual guides offer all kinds of readings: love psychic readings, psychic astrology readings, dream interpretation, tarot card readings, career psychic readings, pet psychic readings and psychic readings geared specifically for men.

Customer Support And Guarantees: Hollywood Psychics wants to make sure you have an amazing experience. They're around 24/7 to help you confidently pick a phone psychic that's right for you, help you through their online and phone systems and answer any of your questions. And they stand by their service with the easiest return policy ever: if you're not happy with your last paid psychic reading, it's absolutely FREE. They don't just credit your account - they fully refund your money. It doesn't get any better than that!

Fees and Discounts: It's not every day you decide to bare your soul to a complete stranger. Hollywood Psychics makes it super easy and comfortable to get started with a FREE email reading to test the waters. From there, the cost is a straightforward and very affordable $0.50 a minute. They reward repeat customers, too: every month, for every 10 readings you get, you'll earn 5 Bonus Minutes. Simple as that!

Good To Know Stuff:  Every day, Hollywood Psychics brings you fresh news items on top-of-mind topics, including Relationships & Sex, Family & Friends, Work & Money and so much more, through their website. Unlike any other psychic hotlines, you can opt to receive text alerts when your favorite psychics are available so you don't have to keep coming back to check.

February Deal: Hollywood Psychics is offering a flat rate of $0.50 per minute on all psychics. Additionally, you will save 80% on your first psyhic chat reading online!

Visit Hollywood Psychics Website
Call Hollywood Psychics Toll Free: 1-855-970-0224

#3. Psychic Source - Best cheap psychic readings

Psychic Source Review

Call Toll Free Now 1-855-281-0251
Why Psychic Source?
  • First 3 Minutes are FREE!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Strict psychic screening process
  • Membership Rewards Perks
  • Has been in business since 1989
  • Over 100,000 satisfied customers
  • As Low As $0.66 per minute!
  • My Psychic Source Review

Psychic Source is the oldest psychic hotlines I found - celebrating a quarter century of service (founded in 1989). It's backed by one of the strongest pledges around: "No gimmicks. No nonsense. The best psychics you'll find anywhere."

Their genuinely gifted and experienced psychics can easily make believers out of skeptics. Authenticity and quality set them apart. The company is dedicated to the highest levels of ethics and professionalism. They must be doing something right: their customers rave about their spot-on and cheap psychic readings.

Screening Process: Psychic Source has developed a rigorous screening process to ensure that only real psychics that can provide meaningful, authentic cheap psychic readings are part of their community. They pay careful attention to customer feedback to continually improve their psychic network.

Types of Readings: Angel card readings, astrology readings, dream interpretations, tarot card readings, past life readings, spiritual readings, tarot readings - those are just some of the many types of psychic readings you can expect. Their online psychic readers rely on everything from clairvoyance to their own intuitive and spiritual abilities to give you the most accurate psychic advice for your situation.

Customer Support And Guarantees: Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Psychic Source is there for you to make your experience with their psychic hotline simple, straightforward and satisfying. They also offer a simple and powerful guarantee. If you're not happy with your last online psychic chat, Psychic Source will refund your money from that reading or give you the time back to try them again - your choice. You simply request the refund or credit within one business day of the reading.

Fees and Discounts: Psychic Source pricing is very competitive and they are known for their high quality cheap psychic readings. Psychic Source charges as low as $.66 per minute for all types of psychic readings. Several different types of special offers are provided to members, such as free bonus dollars (extra dollars added to your purchase) when you buy a special package.

Good To Know Stuff: Psychic Source boasts over 100,000 satisfied customers, offers a Free Love Compatibility Test and has been featured on ABC's Good Morning America. Readings are available in English and Spanish.

February Deal: Psychic Source is offering new customers a great deal! Pay only $0.66 per minute (even for their top rated psychics). Plus, the first three minutes of your psychic reading is FREE!

Visit Psychic Source Website
Call Psychic Source Toll Free: 1-855-281-0251

#4. Kasamba Psychics - Best tarot card reading

Kasamba Psychics Review
Why Kasamba Psychics?
  • 3 Minutess are FREE
  • Plus, Get 50% Off First Reading!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Over 3 million psychic readings!
  • Live Chat Psychic Readings.
  • Web & E-Mail Customer Support.
  • As low as $1.00 per minute.
  • My Kasamba Psychics Review

Since 1999, more than two million customers have made Kasamba (previously Live Person) their choice for cheap psychic readings, tarot card readings, astrology and more. Their psychics (over 200 at the time of this review) have been awarded 5-star ratings on more than 3 million online psychic readings, giving you assurance that you are connecting with some of the best online psychics today.

Their real-time psychic chat platform is unlike any other psychic site; it allows you and your psychic advisor to share the same space and see one another chatting simultaneously. As a result, the connection is likely to be both deep and immediate.

Screening Process: Anyone with a real psycic abilities or other spiritual gifts is encouraged to apply to Kasamba Psychics. However, the non-talented are not likely to last very long. Reason being, Kasamba encourages ratings and reviews from its customers to quickly separate the wheat from the chaff.

Types of Readings: Kasamba promises the widest and most diverse variety of online psychic readings with a display of real-time availability so you can instantly connect. Whatever type of reading you're looking for, chances are that Kasamba Psychics has it. Some that stand out: love and relationships, tarot card readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecasts, past life readings, Kabala, paranormal, occult - the list goes on!

Customer Support And Guarantees: Kasamba is committed to complete customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, your connection with your Psychic Advisor doesn't click, simply end your reading and they'll credit you. They have an extensive searchable knowledgebase system where you can type in a question and are provided with answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, you can contact them via email by filling out the request form on their website.

Fees and Discounts: New customers always start with a FREE psychic reading from a psychic of their choice. And there are plenty of cheap psychics to choose from, with thousands available 24/7 via web, mobile, and toll-free phone calls. No pre-payment is required; pay securely with a credit/debit card or PayPal when you're ready! Convenient options make it a breeze to find an advisor who's within your price range. You can expect frequent discounts and special offers to be delivered via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Good To Know Stuff: Kasamba lets you browse psychic reader profiles on a wide range of devices via user-friendly sites for your PC, mobile and tablet devices. It also offers a neat "Presto Chat" feature - an innovative online chat interface feature that indicates when your psychic advisor is typing with no waiting. Furthermore, Spanish-speaking psychic advisors are available.

February Deal: For new customers, Kasamba is offering a wonderful promotion. The first three minutes are FREE and you will receive a 50% off discount to be used during your first online psychic chat reading!