• Laws of Karma You May be Unaware Of

    Laws of Karma You May be Unaware Of

    Whenever a person gets what they deserve, many people call it karma. True karma really means that you get what you put into life; if you tend to do good deeds, then your karma will manifest in a positive way. If you behave poorly, then negative karma will also manifest. Most people understand this, but […]

  • What are Spiritual Healing Ceremonies?

    Spiritual healing ceremonies are an aspect of all cultures that have existed from the early existence of humanity, and they will most likely continue to be used as a way to purify and renew your spirit until the end of time. When I say purify, I mean that the ceremonies are designed to cleanse your […]

  • Common Signs that the Spirit of a Loved One is Nearby

    Losing a loved one can be a devastating experience. It can be tough to move on, but sometimes your loved ones can reach out to you and give you some insight that will help you along the way. How do you know when the spirit of a loved one is nearby? It is not always […]

  • Understanding A Seance

    A seance is a method for communicating with spirits that uses the psychical energies of multiple people to try to establish contact. Seances can be classified as a type of mediumship distinguished by their collaborative nature. The word seance means “seating” and is derived from the Old French seoir, “to sit.” Seances are called by […]

  • What Is Meditation? What Are The Benefits

    ‘Meditation' is a word that has a loose meaning and a precise one. This causes some confusion as to what the real practice of meditation is. Some use the term to refer to thinking or contemplating. Others use it to refer to daydreaming or fantasizing. The precise meaning of meditation is neither of these. Meditation […]

  • Understanding The Basics Of Feng Shui

    Feng shui is an ancient Chinese discipline based on the orientation and placement of everything in existence. The primary principles of feng shui are meant to bring balance and harmony to you and your surroundings through the positive flow of Ch'i, the energy or life force responsible for the vitality of the world. In this […]

  • History of the Ouija Board

    They show up in movies, in literature and at very often at slumber parties, but do you really know the history behind and the story of Ouija Boards? Few other inanimate objects elicit the kind of powerful reactions and emotional responses from people around the world like the Ouija Board does. Some call it a […]

  • Chakra Healing: What Is It And How Does It Work?

    In Eastern philosophies, the chakras, or energy centers, have long been an accepted concept within the healing arts and spiritual practice. Each living being has seven chakras. Each chakra has a specific location within the subtle body. While in the West, the practice of chakra healing is a more recent introduction, the benefits have made […]

  • Reiki: An Explanation and the Surprising Verdict

    Perhaps you have heard of Reiki, the Japanese technique vaguely resembling a massage with little physical contact. The Reiki practitioner passes his hands over or lightly touches certain parts of the recipient’s body. Afterwards, the patient or recipient may feel a greater sense of well-being, reduced pain or anxiety, or a general sense of relaxation. […]

  • What Is A Spiritual Reading?

    Spiritual readings occur when a seeker approaches someone who they believe can guide them, usually a psychic. Spirituality connects all living entities. To tap into this mystery is something that is not easily revealed by the average person on their own. Some people seek assistance to reveal the truths coming from the abstract realms beyond […]