Psychic Biographies

  • JZ Knight Biography

    One of the best known psychics currently working in the United States today is JZ Knight, a channel for the God-spirit “Ramtha” and founder of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington. Knight was on the forefront of the mystic New Age movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and has appeared on such […]

  • Arthur Ford Biography

    Arthur Ford was an American spiritual medium who also claimed to be a clairvoyant. He also founded the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship in 1955. The Fellowship was a group of people believing in “an interfaith, non-profit movement” consisting of writers, believers, and professionals who had an interest in the ever growing curiosity of altered states of […]

  • Chip Coffey Biography

    An internationally known and beloved psychic, medium, paranormal investigator and spiritual counselor, Chip Coffey is a renowned spiritual medium who has honed his abilities to help others by offering them guidance, insight and direction. The great grandson of Minnie Sue Morrow Foster, an acclaimed Native American Medicine Woman who gained fame in the early part […]

  • Gordon Smith Biography

    Folklore tells us that the seventh son of a seventh son wields occult powers, so it seems rather auspicious that well-known psychic Gordon Smith does, in fact, hold this familial distinction himself. Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1962, Smith speaks with an authoritative, strong Scottish brogue. As a very young child, Smith demonstrated a great […]

  • Psychic Betty White Biography

    Betty White and her husband Stewart are two well-known psychics of the early twentieth century. They first became oriented with the spirit world in March 1918 with the help of the traditional parlor game, the Ouija board. The Whites gathered with friends to play the game, and as the group’s hands moved over the board, […]

  • Leonora Piper Biography

    Leonora E. Piper (sometimes also spelled Leonore E. Piper) was born on the 27th of June in the year 1857 in Nashua, NH. During her lifetime, she participated in a number of scientific research studies designed to further knowledge of her unique abilities. Piper was best known as a “trance medium” and gathered a great […]

  • Jach Pursel Biography

    Perhaps one of the most famous psychics in contemporary America, Jach Pursel, is best known for channeling the spirit Lazaris, a non-physical being who refers to Jach as “the Channel.” Lazaris first appeared to Jach in a meditative state during the early 1970s, and since that time Lazaris has spoken to thousands through Pursel’s books, […]

  • Allan Kardec Biography

    In 1804, a very significant event took place. Allan Kardec (given name Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail), founder and one of the most significant proponents of Spiritism, was born in Lyon, France. Raised Catholic, he showed an early interest in science and philosophy that directed his later studies at the Swiss School of Pestalozzi. Pestalozzi himself […]

  • Matthew L. Fraser Biography

    Matthew L. Fraser was born on July 8, 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a famous American psychic and has been a guest on several television and radio shows, which include Fox News, WWLP Morning News, CBS Radio, and The Learning Annex. He has also been a featured guest on the well-known television show “Your […]

  • Sally Morgan Biography

    Sally Morgan is a British psychic and TV personality. She's most famous for readings for high profile individuals such as Princess Diana. She's also a bestseller of three books. Over the past decade, her notoriety has grown because of a steady stream of media appearances and public events mixed with scandal. Fans adore her while […]