• A Deeper Look into the Death Card

    One card that is often feared in a Tarot card reading is the Death card. In fact, some people avoid getting a Tarot reading because they fear that the card will turn up and start the countdown to their impending doom. We have all seen the effect that this card has in the movies, but […]

  • What is a Moon Sign?

    What is a Moon Sign?

    Many people ask, “What’s your sign?” and think that that’s the end of things. While our zodiac signs are important factors that help us be who we are meant to be, the most people only look into the sun signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really explain how one Gemini can be totally different […]

  • What is your Lucky Color?

    Have you ever felt an affinity with a particular color? Many people have favorite colors, mine just happens to be red; and as a matter of fact, that just happens to be the lucky color that corresponds with my lucky number of 28. Lucky colors correspond with the power of the celestial objects that appear […]

  • How to Know if Your Children Have Psychic Abilities

    Does Your Child Have A Psychic Ability?

    Have you ever wondered if your child has the same spiritual gifts that you do? If you experienced a spiritual connection at a young age, chances are that your child will have a similar experience. Let’s take a look at a few of the traits to look for in your child to find out if […]

  • The Power of Crystals

    Harnessing The Power Of Crystals

    Crystals are often associated with mystical situations. They are often kept in the home as a way to keep balance in your living space and heal your aura, but crystals can have other powers as well. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that crystals can help you, and the best crystals […]

  • Is Astral Projection Safe?

    Astrol Projection Satefy Info

    For millennia, thousands of individuals have reported out-of-body experiences. These experiences happen when the soul is able to leave the body and explore their environment or even a higher plane of existence. The easiest way to understand this phenomenon is to think of the soul as a free-roaming spirit that can travel instantaneously to a […]

  • What is Earth Magic?

    Earth Magic Basics

    We are deeply connected to this wonderful guardian, the planet Earth. I’ve always felt deep feelings of being spiritually intertwined with the soft soil, the graceful waves, and the endless sky that we are surrounded by on this beautiful planet. I suspect that this is also the way it is with all of Earth’s creatures, […]

  • Ways to Develop your Intuition

    Developing Intuition

    Have you ever had a feeling in your gut that tells you that you need to do something differently; a voice that tells you to take the local roads home instead of the highway? Well, that is your intuition. It’s a vital part of our thinking that protects us and helps us make good decisions. […]

  • What are Psychic Rune Readings?

    Psychic Rune Reading Basics

    Throughout history, there have been many ways for those with the necessary skills, connections, and talents to predict the future. There’ve been methods like reading tarot cards, palm reading, and even rolling the bones; each of these using spiritual energy to provide guidance for those who seek it. One little-known technique involves Norse or Celtic […]

  • Tea Leaf Readings: How They Work

    Basics of Tea Leaf Readings

    There are many effective techniques to discern our paths using our natural spiritual links to the greater universe. One such technique, which is known as tasseography, uses tea leaves, wine sediments, or coffee grounds to divine the future. This type of psychic reading goes back hundreds of years, and there’s an amazing amount of prescience […]