Psychic Articles

  • How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

    Between the world we see and the things we fear there are doors. We open these doors to allow the spiritual realm to mingle with the physical one. The gift to communicate between these two worlds is called a sixth sense or a third eye. Within each person lie special powers that are only waiting […]

  • What is a Crystal Reading?

    With today's world being more complex than ever before, people everywhere are always looking for ways to find out what directions they should take in life. As alternative methods of healing and insight have become popular in recent years, many people have turned to crystal readings as a way to learn more about themselves and […]

  • The History Of A Psychic’s Amazing Crystal Ball!

    You've seen the image a thousand times – the psychic waving their hands above a glowing crystal ball, peering into its depths to predict the future. But do you know the history behind the crystal ball? Early History Its origins can be dated back to around 2000 B.C., in the age of the Celtic Druids. […]

  • What Is A Psychic Love Reading?

    Most of us seek our soul mate to complete our lives. The problem is that finding our soul mate can be a long and tiring journey. A hardship wrought love life can be a trial for even the most dedicated love seeker. This is why so many turn to a skilled love psychic to light […]

  • How To Empower Your Third Eye

    Opening yourself up to psychic experiences is something that anyone can do. All you have to do is open up your sixth chakra, which many people call the third eye. Being able to sense more through this spiritual sense is amazing, but seeing clearly with your third eye takes practice. What Your Third Eye Will […]

  • How to Know if Your Children Have Psychic Abilities

    Have you ever wondered if your child has the same spiritual gifts that you do? If you experienced a spiritual connection at a young age, chances are that your child will have a similar experience. Let’s take a look at a few of the traits to look for in your child to find out if […]

  • What Are Psychic Rune Readings?

    There are many different kinds psychic reading available to those seeking guidance from a higher power. Most people are familiar with some of the more popular forms of psychic readings whether they are extremely interested in psychic readings or not. Some of the more popular forms of psychic readings are palm reading and tarot card […]

  • What is an Akashic Record Reading?

    Today, many Americans harbor curiosity about Akashic Record readings. This sometimes confusing New Age topic traces its roots to Theosophy and, possibly, Hindu concepts of akasha. Some very skillful mediums have reportedly consulted Akashic Records in order to learn about events impacting their clients. These readings today occur in variable formats. This article will first […]

  • Understanding Psychic Self-Defense

    Psychic self-defense is based on the idea that non-physical energetic entities exist all throughout the world, affecting their surroundings in a negative or positive way. Humans are susceptible to interaction with these entities, depending on the energetic and emotional level of the individual. As a person opens themselves up to the exploration of such entities […]

  • What is a Psychic Healer? Do They Exist?

    The human body already knows how to heal itself. Sometimes you heal on your own from an illness. Other times, you need to see a doctor and take prescribed medication to recover. Then, there's a third category: suffering from an illness that not even doctors have been able to alleviate for you. This is the […]